I dont think I spelled that right.  Oh well.  I mentioned before that My ex used to keep me up all night until I could apologize correctly, and in the right tone of voice.  I had no idea he was doing the same to my daughter.  My house has narrow halls.  The other day, i accidently bumped into my kid.  She demanded an apology.  I didnt do it right.  She made me do it several times until I knew why i was doing it and did it right.  I almost lost my freaking mind.  I sat her down and asked her if daddy made her do that at his house.  She said that he did.  That he even made her pray until she got it right.  I told her that at my house an apology was an apology, it doesnt matter how it comes out.  Sometimes, you mean it, but the emotions are still raw, and your voice isnt calm.  So, when your voice isnt calm, the apology cant be calm.  But, you still mean it and you still love the person.

The problem I have now, is how to deal with the fall out from this.  I have told her therapist and she is going to help my daughter with it.  Just like My shrink is helping me.  Thank got for shrinks.


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